Speciality Compound Masterbatches

Special compound for polyolefinic extrusion applications for improving the strength and elongation properties even at higher addition levels of filler masterbatches.

Product Details :

Corrosion TypeCorrosion less
FormCylindrical Pellet
Pack Size25 kgs
Pack TypePP woven sack
Carbon ContentAS PER GRADE
Carrier ResinPE/PP
AppearanceAs per grade
Ageing time2 years
Bulk Density0.950+/-0.100 gm/ml
CompliancesFOOD GRADE
Heat Stability300 C
Melting Point130°C to 170°C
Physical StateSolid
Moisture0.10 Max
Packaging Type Bag packing

Techno Coat® Masterbatches

Special high purity calcium carbonate masterbatch specifically suited for all extrusion coating applications. The mineral additive provides outstanding barrier and mechanical properties to all polyolefin extrusion coated films :

Salient Features :

  • Excellent dispersion for high speed extrusion coating lines.
  • Uniform pellet geometry & size for easy feeding and dust free processing.
  • Outstanding thermal stability for extreme processing conditions.
  • Low volatile levels to ensure zero fish eyes and good aesthetic Appearance.

Applications :

  • PE extrusion coating.
  • PP extrusion coating.

Breatheeze® Masterbatches

This is an opaque breathable compound with excellent dispersion suitable for cast film process. This product with good filterability gives better screen pack life and this product gives smooth film, lower die built up & smooth processing to the product. This compound is suitable for breathable films with WVTR in the range of 500 ±100. This product has extremely low moisture percentage.

Applications in Polyethylene & Polypropylene :

  • Breathable film for baby & adult diaper | Breathable film for sanitary napkins.

Salient Features:

  • Extremely low moisture percentage
  • 100% fish eye elimination
  • Gives best gloss & whiteness

Conductive Black Compound

Conductive Black Compound is a very innovative PE based direct use compound for blown film applications developed with superior dispersing & good conductive carbon black grades. Consistent conductivity delivered through this compounds which are suitable for all packaging applications where the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD) is to be eliminated totally. The film produced with this compound gives a smooth surface finish with very good gloss and mechanical properties. We are one of the largest manufacturers for conductive black compound.

Salient Features :

  • Suitable even for thin films
  • Improved conductivity
  • Excellent dispersion, gloss & mechanical properties
  • It’s a direct-to-use compound

Processes :

  • Blown Films
  • Extrusion

End Products :

  • FIBC Liners
  • Packaging Films
  • Electronics Packaging


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