Special Effect Masterbatches

Special compound for polyolefinic extrusion applications for improving the strength and elongation properties even at higher addition levels of filler masterbatches. The basic advantages of using this product are:Improves elongation even at higher filler addition. Maintains strength at higher elongation levels.Suitable for all packaging applications. Higher filler percentages can be used. This directly reduces cost without compromising properties. Reduces wastage by reducing tape breakages. Reduces carbon formation on the die lip. Reduces powder formation and improved production in looms. Improves screen pack and blade life. Thus at a price lesser than the polymer we offer a product which enhances your competitiveness without Compromising on your quality. This next generation product is available in opaque & transparent base.

Product Details :

Carrier ResinPE/PP/SAN/GPPS
AppearanceGlitter, Pearlescent, Granite, Wood & Marble effect
Bulk Density0.8+/- 0.2
CompliancesFOOD GARDE
Heat Stability300 C
Physical StateSolid
Moistureless than 0.1 %
Packaging TypeBag packing
Pack Size25 kgs
Pack TypePP woven sack
Ageing time2 years
Melting Point130 to 170 C
Size (Millimetre)(2.0 -3.0) X (1.0 -2.0)
MaterialAnti Oxidant
Corrosion TypeCorrosion less
FormCylindrical Pellet


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