PET Antibacterial Masterbatches

Why use PET Antibacterial Masterbatches :
Numerous bacteria tend to grow on fabrics that cause foul odor and skin disease.
Public concern about hygiene is increasing rapidly which drives the demand for antibacterial in polyester textile applications.

Addkan PET Antibacterial Masterbatches :
ADV/07/0083 is a silver-based antibacterial additive in a PBT carrier resin. These Masterbatches are effective at low levels against a wide range of microorganisms. High heat resistance and good filterability allows easy and smooth spinning at normal processing temperatures.

Applications in polyester :
Textiles | Under-garments | Knitted fabrics | Carpets | Sport wear | Medical usage fabric

Salient features :

  • High safety performance
  • No skin irritation
  • Intelligent silver ion release control
  • Long-term stable control of silver ion release
  • High antibacterial activity
  • Excellent antimicrobial properties
  • Excellent resistance to discoloration


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