Anti Block Cum Slip Masterbatches

Why use Anti-Block Cum Slip Masterbatches :

Antiblock Materbatches are added to films and bags to keep the sheets from sticking together. They are used to lessen the adhesion of the surface of products made from the formulation of like or different surfaces. These Masterbatches act by producing a slight roughening of the surface-thus allowing easy opening of bags.

Many types of antiblock are available, ranging from synthetic silica formulations to give high clarity to natural silica to offer high performance where cost is important and clarity can be compromised to calcium carbonate where simple antiblocking without clarity is required.

For speciality applications more esoteric systems such as organic based antiblocks are used.

Anti Block Cum Slip Masterbatches can be produced in a wide range of polymers including polyethylene, polypropylene, ionomers, polyamides, thermoplastics polyurethanes and others.

Combinations with antiblock and slip products offer cost effective products for use in the film industry. Antiblock agents are mainly used in film extrusion.

AddKan Anti-Block Masterbatches :

AddKan Anti-Block Masterbatches are based on chemically modified minerals. Once compounded into a plastic these additives create a microrough surface which reduces the adhesion between film layers and lowers the blocking tendency.

Two factors determine the Antiblocking effect :

  • Number of particles of antiblock at the film surface.
  • Size of the antiblock particles.The greater the concentration of antiblock present then the rougher the film surface produced. However it is important that the particles are well dispersed as agglomerates reduce antiblocking performance. Conversely the coarser the particles the further the two film layers are kept apart.

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Product Details :

Corrosion TypeCorrosion less
FormCylindrical Pellet
Pack Size25 kgs
Pack TypePP woven sack
Carbon ContentNIL
Carrier ResinPE/EVA
AppearanceTranslucent white/Greysih white
Ageing time2 years
Bulk Density0.800 +/- 0.100 gm/ml
CompliancesFOOD GRADE
Heat Stability300 C
Melting Point130°C +/- 10°C
Physical StateSolid
Moisture0.10 % Max
Packaging TypeBag packing


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