Fire Retardant Masterbatches

Why use Fire Retardant Masterbatches?

As many plastics are inherently flammable, measures must be taken to increase their safety in applications where there is the risk of fire. Often the most cost effective method of doing this is to add a fire retardant additive during processing.

There are two types of Fire Retardant Masterbatches available :

  • Containing Halogen free additives
  • Containing Halogenated additives

Careful choice of the fire retardant for a particular polymer and application is important. Additives must be chosen to function properly in the polymer they need to protect. Other properties of the fire retardant must also be considered. The additive should be compatible with the polymer, it should not adversely affect physical properties and ideally be effective at low addition rates. Additionally, in certain applications, it is desirable that the additive is colourless and does not affect UV stability.

We welcome you to please speak to our Marketing representatives for your specific requirements. We will be more than happy to cater to your needs.

Product Details :

Corrosion TypeCorrosion less
FormCylindrical Pellet
Pack Size25 kgs
Pack TypePP woven sack
Carbon ContentNIL
Carrier ResinPE/PP
AppearanceNatural White
Ageing time1 year
Bulk Density0.600+/- 0.100 gm/ml
Heat Stability300 C
Melting Point130°C +/- 10°C
Physical StateSolid
Moisture0.10 % Max
Packaging TypeBag packing


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