PPR-PP LTHA Anti Oxidant Masterbatches

Why Use PPR-PP LTHA (Long Term Heat Ageing) Antioxidant Masterbatches? – To Keep Plastics Young

Plastic generally ages rapidly under the effects of light, oxygen and heat or catalyst residues leading to loss of strength, stiffness, or flexibility, discoloration scratching and loss of gloss. Once the polymer is exposed to further shear stress, heat, light, air, water, radiation, or mechanical loading, chemical reactions start in the polymer which has the net result of changing the chemical composition and the molecular weight of the polymer. These reactions, in turn, lead to a degradation of the physical and optical properties of the polymer. In practice, any change of the polymer properties relative to the initial, desirable properties is called degradation. In this sense, "degradation" is a generic term for all reactions which are possible in a polymer except curing. In most of the polymers reactions generate an "Auto-Oxidation-Process". This means that once oxidation starts - which it always will - it sets off a chain reaction which accelerates degradation unless stabilizers are used to interrupt the oxidation cycle.

Action of PPR-PP LTHA Antioxidant Masterbatches :

This group of antioxidant and heat-stabilizer Masterbatches improves the Long Term Heat Ageing properties of polymers against oxidative influences and protects pipes, sheets and injection moulded PP parts against thermo-oxidative degradation. They're used especially where polymers have to act at elevated temperatures for long times like in PP-R pipes & automotive applications.

AddKan PPR-PP LTHA Antioxidant Masterbatch :

Addkan LTHA additive Masterbatches are based on a combination of highly advanced anti-oxidants. On combination of Addkan LTHA Master batch with Addkan UV Master batch, will enhance the life of PP-R Pipes & Plastic articles having these additives

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