Biodegradable Masterbatches

'EcoSafe' additive master batch

Over 2 decades, plastic material have gained wide spread applications in the food, clothing, housing, transportation, health care, packaging and leisure industries. Plastics exhibit number of advantages such as light weight, durable, non-corrosive and relatively unbreakable over alternative material.

However plastics, being a petrochemical product have some disadvantages. The main one being its inability to degrade in the environment. Researchers at kandui r & d centre have been working on addressing this major issue and have now succeeded in developing 'EcoSafe' biodegradable master batch, which would aid plastic products to degrade. 'EcoSafe' has been tested for bio degradation as per following astm (american society of testing materials).

D 5208-01 Photodegration by exposing to UV
light for 200 hours.
D 5208-91 Photodegration by exposing to UV
light for 200 hours.
5209 -92 Under aerobic biodegradation in
presence of municipal sewage
sludge .
D-5338-92 Biodegradation by culture of
fungus aspergillis niger and
under accelerated composting
5338-98 Under aerobic biodegradation
controlled composting
21-96 Under anaerobic biodegradation
culture test using fungus
aspergillis niger.
94a, 5526 -04 Under anaerobic biodegradation
under accelerated land fill
USP 31 ( page nos 104-107) ISO Intacutaneous test.

The advantages of 'EcoSafe' are:

  • By addition of 'EcoSafe' to Polymer, the finished product will not degrade on shelf, at least for 2 years;
  • 'EcoSafe' can be blended with LDPE and LLDPE resins but not with 100% HDPE. However
  • 'EcoSafe' can be compatible with HDPE when the polymer is blended with 30% - 40% of LLDPE.
  • On addition of 'EcoSafe' to the Polymer, the product will biodegrade after its shelf life in any or all of the conditions i.e., Aerobic, Anaerobic, UV Light exposure. This is a unique feature of 'EcoSafe' as most other Biodegradable Master batches does not have such universal characteristic. Some Biodegradable Master batches will only be photodegradable i.e. the product has to be exposed to sunlight for required period of time. In other words, if the product is buried in a Landfill, which is inaccessible to sunlight, the product will not degrade. A few other Biodegradable Master batches need oxygen for degradation and some others do not require oxygen. However 'EcoSafe' is not restricted to any such conditions.
  • 'EcoSafe' is non toxic hence it is absolutely safe to use in food applications.
  • 'EcoSafe' is cheaper then directly using biodegradable additives with polymers – as in 'EcoSafe' biodegradebal additive is added to filler.

Thus for a truly biodegradeable masterbache - you may find 'EcoSafe' an ideal choice

AddKan Biodegradable Masterbatches:

  • EcoSafe- 50

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